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Seniors, do you know which health care products are right for your specific needs?

Have you wondered to yourself, “How much will health insurance cost me in retirement?”

A decade ago we started meeting with Seniors (62+) throughout Utah and quickly began helping them understand the program(s) available so they could meet their individual and family goals. There are many “Senior Programs” available today that boast incredible benefits but do little to back up what they promise. With all the changes to healthcare and so many options, making choices regarding senior health care products can be confusing and frustrating.

We believe it is our job to weed out the “not so beneficial” program(s) for our clients and make recommendations about the health insurance programs that will help them the most. Simply put, one program that may be “right” for one person may not be the “right one” for another. Individual needs routinely change over time and it is certain that insurance programs and policies will change as well.

We do annual reviews with our clients to make sure they are aware of the health insurance market changes and continue to be covered by the best senior health care products to meet their individual needs.

We’ve found there are five areas that effect Seniors:

  • Medicare
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Medicare Supplement
    • Medicare Part D Plans
  • Senior Dental Plans
  • Final Expense (Funeral Cost)
  • Long Term Care
  • Retirement Income

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  • “We were spending over $1000 per month on medical health care costs when our fifteen year old son was diagnosed with cancer and were told his treatment would take a little over a year. With our high deductible, suddenly our medical expenses increased substantially.! Even in our circumstances, we got better coverage with a extremely low deductible. We went from paying almost $2000 per month on our premium and expenses, to paying under $500. ”

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