Small group benefits

As a business owner, would you be surprised if we told you that you might be doing a disservice to your employees by offering traditional health insurance benefits?

Most owners want to provide good employee healthcare benefits and the majority of high-quality employees require them. The problem is that traditional health insurance coverage is expensive and lots of the costs get passed on to the employees. With the new Affordable Care Act, now there is a way for employees to have great health insurance and for small business owners to avoid paying such high costs for the small group benefits for employees they offer.

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  • “We were spending over $1000 per month on medical health care costs when our fifteen year old son was diagnosed with cancer and were told his treatment would take a little over a year. With our high deductible, suddenly our medical expenses increased substantially.! Even in our circumstances, we got better coverage with a extremely low deductible. We went from paying almost $2000 per month on our premium and expenses, to paying under $500. ”

    John & Angie Small Business Owners
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