After obtaining affordable major medical coverage, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more peace of mind?

We can help you gain that. Anyone who experiences an unforeseen accident resulting in an injury can benefit greatly with our supplemental insurance plans.

Our supplemental insurance plan is like having a SAVINGS account you can access in the event of an ACCIDENT and/or a CRITICAL ILLNESS ( i.e. invasive cancer, heart attack and/or stroke). You can pick your supplemental accident benefit amount, up to $25K for you, up to $25K for your spouse, AND up to $25K for your dependents to share. You can also add up to $50K of lump-sum Critical Illness coverage. Our supplemental plan pays the qualified medical expenses that are associated with the accident up to your policy limit. Should the medical expenses exceed your out-of-pocket expense with your major-medical insurance plan, you can pocket the rest and use it for whatever you’d like (i.e. bills, mortgage, car payments, missed time off work, or a vacation.) The point is it’s your money and you can do with it what you’d like.

For many families, because of the Affordable Care Act, the monthly premium for this type of insurance is less than what they are paying for their current health insurance coverage.

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  • “We were spending over $1000 per month on medical health care costs when our fifteen year old son was diagnosed with cancer and were told his treatment would take a little over a year. With our high deductible, suddenly our medical expenses increased substantially.! Even in our circumstances, we got better coverage with a extremely low deductible. We went from paying almost $2000 per month on our premium and expenses, to paying under $500. ”

    John & Angie Small Business Owners
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